Diaper Bank

Counting Diapers Pictrue By: Teacher Picture of: Lily

For Community Service Day, Harris and Gould went to the Durham Diaper Bank to make bundles of diapers. I enjoyed the trip very much. The Senior Volunteer gave us options for jobs and I decided to be one of the people who counted diapers. Counters counted the packs of 25 diapers, giving them to the wrappers. I did more math that day, than I had in my life. It was so much fun knowing I was giving to the community and those who couldn’t afford diapers. I’m still shocked that WIC isn’t providing diapers to those who need them. Durham Diaper Bank has an amazing cause and is really great at helping that! I can not wait to go again and try to make more than our 9,745 diaper pack record!

Electric House

Snap, crackle, boom, pop! Electricity! The forgotten one! We all have some electricity running through our house. Face it, electricity is everywhere. I am part of  Ms. Punk’s science class and have been learning about electricity. We were assigned to build an electric house. Kenna, of Keeping it Classy with Kenna, and I chose to do Small World in a Small Box. It started out with a schematic. That my friends, was a struggle. We had to combine all the circuits into one. (Schematic Shown Below) Nothing seemed entirely correct, until we got the ok. Personally, the schematic was the hardest part. Kenna worked on attaching the wires to the box and making a drawing become reality. We both decided what the appliances would be for. We used the motor for a Peter Pan and Wendy hanging sculpture, the buzzer for the noisy air conditioning and everything else for the original purpose. E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y! What does that spell? Electricity!

Rough Schematic Drawn by Lily

The Backpack Project

In Language Arts, we are enjoying a class novel. The novel is Finding Someplace  by Denise Patrick. In the novel, Reesie Boone is planning for evacuation, but she doesn’t have much time to pack. She gathers things that are useful, must-haves, and very important materials. Ms. Mack gave us the chance to pack our backpack as if we were evacuating. A/B period designed a backpack and filled it with items we found needed. For important items, I brought: My USA passport, Pepper Spray, a Thermos™, and First Aid. Items I wanted for fun were things such as photos of family, my phone, and a squishy pillow. The only necessities I brought were cloths, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a Hershey Bar, and a raincoat. The backpack is pink and gray, decorated with some pins. The pins: Waves, Peace Sign, Stars, Basketball, Love Vogue™, and Dance. I wanted to put the pins on my backpack because they give me a sense of home.

Backpack Project Photo By: Lily Zellman

What I’m Watching – Netflix

The media is always raging about the newest shows and movies. Let’s talk about that! (Pretend Intro Music!) Welcome back to Lily’s Life. This blog will be about what I’m watching. Everything Netflix. What better way to start out that with the classic way to watch shows that are original and no longer playing on TV? That’s right, Netflix. Right now I’m watching everything from Glee to AFV. My favorite show right now is definitely Glee! My favorite characters are Sue Sylvester and Kurt Hummel. It is about several high school students of a variety of stereotypes. Typical Football players, cheerleaders, and those quite kids that no one likes. The show includes A LOT of slushy throwing. It teaches you that no one is left behind and that sometimes you WILL fail, but you’ve got to keep trying. While it is still very comedic, it HAS that amazing important message. Alrighty, thanks so much for reading this post! -A