My Favorite Wisdom Tale

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Hey there! In LA, class has been reading Wisdom Tales that have important meanings. Here’s a bit about my favorite!
A tree is very old and twisted and no one ever has wanted to chop it down because of it being twisted. The woodcutters wanted tall and straight trees that could be used for projects and houses. They believed that this bent tree was useless and couldn’t do anything. So, the woodcutters neglect the tree for years, but one day, they find themselves using the tree. The woodcutters had been sitting under the tree because it offered shade and comfort. The tree was now useful.

This is my favorite wisdom tale because of the amazing moral. This tale teaches you that you are worth it and no one is entirely useless. If you feel useless, you probably just haven’t realized your true purpose. You’ve just got to live up to your potential.

Halloween Party Planning Tips

Boo! I know, I scared you, you don’t have to admit it. If you are human, you might celebrate a spooky holiday known as Halloween! If you aren’t human, pardon me, and I am sure there are some non-human blogs out there. Halloween is known as a holiday where you can dress up, gather candy, walk until your feet turn into noodles, and eat the candy until you collapse. Fun, right? Some people do not enjoy trick-or-treating or handing out the 13 pounds of pure sugar. If you have just been described, stay tuned. We’re going to be planning a Halloween party for you! Well, I won’t necessarily be throwing you a party, but I sure can give a few tips! Time for tip one. If you want people to come to your party, I suggest inviting them first with a gorgeous invitation that is sure to give someone the creeps. Here’s a template:

___ is inviting you to a ____ Halloween Party! Please come with a costume and spooky attitude. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Come to 111 North Spooky Street. (This is where you insert your address) Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Did you like that? I hope you did! If you did not, feel free to go to another blog, if you dare. You promised your guests snacks and drinks, so….time for tip two!  Here are some ideas:


-Witches Brew: I’ve had this before and let me tell you, it is absolutely amazing. It tastes of slightly sour, slightly sweet, apple. I’m not sure how you make it, but you can find a good recipe on Pinterest.

-Frankenstein’s Body Brew: I’ve never had this, but it looks amazing. It is a healthier alternative to most of the sweet and spooky Halloween drinks. You make a mixture of random veggie juices and add some fruits and vegetables to create some body parts.


-Jello If You Dare: This is extremely good! I love it! It is a cup of brown, pineapple jell0 with a little, sour, skeleton gummy inside. Don’t tell your guests what is in it, as it is always good to have a Halloween surprise.

-Paranormal Paradise: Ever seen the fruit and vegetable platters? No? Oh well. This is similar to those platters. Paint a metal platter with green spots to make it look like some weird ooze. Then, fill the platter with items such as carrots, raspberries, really anything that is Halloween themed.

Yummy, if I do say so myself. I just gave you unhealthy and healthy options for the spookiest, kid friendly, Halloween party. Let’s see, invitations, drinks, and snacks. What else? *gasp* As the host, you need to have the best Halloween costume ever. I personally prefer making my own instead of purchasing one.


-Weather Person: I was a Weatherwoman this Halloween. The outfit was super easy to put together, as I already had access to most of the items at home. I used one of my dad’s ties, a business shirt, made a microphone, got the Weather Channel logo, a red beanie, and jeans. I loved this costume! Super easy, super fun.

-50’s Throwback: For GIRLS: Sew a poodle skirt, if not buy one! I’m sure you can find some nice cat eye glasses for really low price at a local Target. Tie your hair up into a high ponytail. I wore a short sleeve, white shirt. For BOYS: This look is very Grease inspired. You can easily wear jeans and a black shirt. If you want to go a bit out, you can add gel to your hair and wear some sunglasses. Go ahead, sunglasses in the dark of Halloween.

Those are my favorite costume ideas, and I am positive you can come up with some great ones. Now that you’re dressed, have sent out the invitations, and made snacks and drinks, you can decorate the house.


-Hang artificial spider webs inside and outside your house

-Put some spooky music on inside the house to add to the aura

-Add some bats and other spooky creatures

Those are my ideas, come up with some others! Thank you so much for reading my Halloween Party Planning Tips! If you used any of these tips, please invite me! Or don’t, it is your choice. Thanks again and bye!

What’s On My Desk?

Welcome all to this wonderful free choice post! It is almost time for me to redo my room, and I recently had to pick a desk. It got me thinking and I decided I should start using my current desk, as it just sits in my room. In this post, I’ll be sharing what’s on my desk and suggesting items that might be good for you to put on a desk.

What’s on my desk:


-Mason Jars



-Essential Oil Diffuser

Here is why I have those items and I suggest all of them. Starting with the top and down to the bottom. Candles can be used for decoration, or actual lighting. I currently have a Vanilla Bean candle by White Barn and I love it! Mason Jars! I’m sure some of you have scrolled down millions of Mason Jar DIYS on tumblr or Pinterest. At the moment, I’m using a large mason jar decorated with varieties of Washi Tape, with a pen taped to it. This is actually for writing down achievements so that I can look through them at the end of 2018. Onto my favorite accessories: pens! I have exactly 24 pens consisting of Papermate, generic gel pens, and STAPLES gel ball pens. A lot of people don’t know that I am a HUGE Andy Warhol fan. To show that, I purchased a Collectible Art Series from Barnes and Nobles. It contains a random collectible which is in a Campbells “soup” can. I keep all my pens in the can, but keep the vintage camera collectible on the other side of my desk.  Stationary is pretty boring and simple. I have a tape roll, a stapler, and pins.  Let’s get onto the diffuser! I LOVE this! Mine is a woody grain texture and brown. My favorite scent is rosemary, by far! Ok then, hope you like my desk and the post!

Andy Warhol Collectible With Pens Taken By Lily

Ideas For Posts

You aren’t alone. In fact, this is the post is in fact, the result of a brain drop. I had no idea what to do for this extra blog. So, I figure, why not help those who are in the same position as me! I bring you, “Ideas For Posts”! These are selected from my own brain and possible anonymous influences. Take a seat, sit back, and enjoy while you discover a world of creativity at your fingertips.

1. Has it recently been a Holiday? Write about what you did, where you went, or just some fun facts! I did this for Halloween and it turned out awesome!

2. So you want to be an author. Share a bit of what you’re working on! Whether it is a poem, novel, or novella, it’s good to get comfortable with sharing your work. If you are set on staying within your comfort zone…..wait, I can’t share that! It will be a post for a different time. Oops-e-daisy! Does anyone still say that?

3. I’m a handy person who loves helping others! If that is you, write a post on some tips or tricks for everyday life, school, or mainly just hacks, if you’ve read my Halloween post, that’s what I’m talking about. I would certainly read someone’s school hacks post.

4. What is going in your life? Do you want people to know that you went to see Hamilton? Or that you love sleeping and did it almost all day? I’m serious, this can be a really interesting post.

5. How to…..ok. This is similar to number 3, but I’m thinking. What if someone did a How to Draw a Mythical Creature? I’d read that. You could probably have pictures of each step.  Not an artist, do you like math? Teach you friends a really cool math trick. I’ve got a few up my sleeve.

I’m sure everyone can come up with some excellent ideas that I didn’t say. If you write a post using inspiration from this blog, please let me know, or add some credit. Peace in, Lily.

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