The Little Things I Notice

Over the 11, 12, 13, 41 years we’ve been around, I think we can all recall someone saying that its the little things that count. I’ve done my searching through all the teachers’ blogs and their students’. Ms. Donelly of Donelly’s Long Story Short… gave her students an assignment that I, a student of Ms. Mack, have been inspired to do.

Things I Notice:

Has anyone ever thought about those rings around the ankles of those who wear Converse? I have a salmon colored pair myself, and boy, do they cut into my ankles sometimes! I like the little quirk of noticing someone’s ankles with the ring. It helps to be someone who spends a lot of time looking down.

You know that thing when people tell you that they’re going to guess what you’re thinking? I’ve come up with a solution. Half the time, you ARE thinking about how that person will never guess what you’re thinking of!

There’s a certain spot on your foot where if have it partially on the floor, your leg will start to shake. It feels crazy, but not many can do it by trying. It just seems to come naturally.

How many of you have a library card? When I check out a book from the library, I see the little crease at the top corner of the page. I love seeing this because it makes me feel like others really enjoyed the book so much that they were willing to keep their place at any cost.

The most important thing about owning an electronic device to me, is personalization. Sometimes I look at my friends’ iPads and realize how much a screensaver can mean to someone. A screensaver can give away tons of information on the owner.

When I moved into my new house, the first thing I noticed was the 37 hooks placed in odd spots in every room. I like to imagine what used to hang on those many hooks.

My dad has a Spotify account that I basically dominate. I use it way more than him, and I always notice one thing in particular. The music I listen to is going in HIS history, ex: Howard Recently Favorited Issues by Julia Micheals.

Ink is very powerful. A majority of those who use pens don’t actually use them on paper, but on their skin instead. The things that people write on their hands are crazy. Doodles, reminders, quotes, hearts as a sign of support, and things letting out anger, sadness, and frustration.

Now, what do you notice? Let me know in the comments. There’s always little things waiting for you in the world.

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9 thoughts on “The Little Things I Notice

  1. Hi Lily, my name is Justine and I’m a teacher from Auckland, New Zealand. I loved this so much that I’ve read it a few times now. Your ability to notice things and think about them deeply is second to none! It made me think about all the little things that we take for granted and don’t notice.
    I really liked where you wrote about the hooks in your house – that made me wonder about why there were so many and what used to hang on them.
    This morning I noticed the thick fog and the smudge of pink that ran across the sky as the sun rose and started to break through. I wondered about who else was looking at that same sky and where they were in the southern hemisphere. I wondered how they were starting their day.
    I’m a huge bookworm and loved your comment about library books – I hadn’t thought of them that way before.
    I’m studying full-time at the moment for my PhD so it’s really busy and I don’t always stop to notice the little things. Your post has made me more aware of taking time to do this. I think it makes us better people.
    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    • Hi Lily! I’m Victoria, and I really like this post. I loved how you noticed the little things that may seem completely useless, but can make someone go ‘Huh…I never realised that.’
      Something I always think about after it rains is a rainbow. They almost always appear in the sky, and I always wonder what it looks like from a different perspective. Who else is looking at the same sky while I am? Are they seeing the same thing, or something different? That’s something I like to think about.
      This post is really great. You used proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and you made this post not boring! Can’t wait to see what else you post.
      If you want to, visit my blog! Victoria’s Blog

      • Hey Victoria,
        Glad you liked the post. I worked really hard on it. Exactly! I’m glad someone shares the same view! I find that you think about the sky so amazing, as I do too. Thanks for your interest.

    • Sophia,
      Thank you! Of course, as I said in the post, I cannot take all the credit for coming up with this post. I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

  2. Hi Lily,
    I really liked your post! When I watch music videos (mostly K-Pop) I notice how much editing they do (This happened ever since I joined the Hiki NO crew in my school. Hiki NO is a tv show on PBS Hawaii where kids make, film, and edit stories based off of a topic and put it on TV). When I’m watching anime, I also notice all the different expressions the characters have. I also notice typos in books sometimes.
    Come check out my blog:

    • Jenn,
      Thank you! What is your favorite K-Pop group? Mine is BTS. Hiki NO sounds like a lot of fun, I wish my school had something like that. I hate when books have typos. Thanks for reading,
      Blog on,

  3. Hi Lily,
    My favorite K-Pop group is VIXX. I have listened to BTS before, and I thought they were really good! I also listen to EXO from time to time. I also hate when books have typos and it makes me wonder how the editors didn’t catch the mistakes.

  4. Hi Lily,
    What a great post. I can tall you have really taken the time to slow down and notice many things. Your descriptions were all very detailed and very true. I hope you can check my blog out some time at

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