Why Creative Writing is Important

Drawing by me

My LA class doesn’t participate in too much Creative Writing, and it dissapoints me, a lot. That’s something I can’t hide. I’ve been reassured that at some point we have a creative writing unit in LA, but until then, what am I supposed to do?  I find it unfortunate that the only places I can really write are in my club called The Locker and on this blog. I absolutely love my school, it is really a great community to share writing with, but the main priorities come off as Maths and Sciences. Yet, that doesn’t fit for many people.

Creative Writing is so important. I know a few people who write to express their feelings, good and bad. Some people write what they cannot read. So, if you’re looking for a story about the vegetarian dinosaur who eats at an all meat buffet, you may have to write it. That’s not always a bad thing. It just gives more opportunities to write something without it being pretty much, well, plagerism.

Even if you don’t like to read, you could still write, just give it a try. Though Creative Writing is different than Writing, itself, it comes in many forms. Poems, Short Stories, a novella, even maybe writing song lyrics.

Face it, writing is important. Like it or not, try it.


October Student Blogging Challenge

Screenshot of Countdown by me

Woah, I haven’t been on my blog in a while! Things are changing. I no longer am a part of Ms. Mack’s wonderful Language Arts class. My current class does not participate in blogging, so I’m taking it upon myself to continue my personal blog.

My good friend Kenna and I will be continuing our blogs by taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge starting October 7th. If you are ages 8-18 this is an amazing opportunity to grow your blog. You can sign up as a class, a commenter (if you’re an adult), or just a personal student. Kenna and I won’t be doing many collaborations, we’ll just both be continuing our blogs. I do hope to do some collaborations with her in the future, though.

I’ll try to participate in as many challenges as I can, just know that with the busy schedule of a 7th grader, it’ll be hard sometimes. I’m super excited to be blogging again. If you want to join the challenge and don’t know how, feel free to comment down below. I’d be happy to try and answer questions as best as possible. Thank you!