Which Disney Princess Are You?


Wow, so now I’m trying to one up Buzzfeed. Fun! For this week’s challenge I’ve decided to create a quiz determining which Disney princess you are! This is determined by A, B, C. Answers below.

What’s your preference of housing?

A. A  cottage surrounded by trees

B. A big castle on the top of a cliff

C.  A tower in complete isolation


Where do you spend most of your time?

A.  Wherever my friends are

B. My library, of course

C. My garden with herbs of all kinds


What’s your favorite season?

A. Spring

B. Winter

C. Summer


Your go-to meal…

A. Apple Crisp

B.  Gray Stuff

C. Rosemary

Mostly A’s = Snow White

Mostly B’s = Belle

Mostly C’s = Rapunzel

Thanks so so much, and comment down below who you are! PS. I’m Belle.

13 thoughts on “Which Disney Princess Are You?

  1. Hi, Lily!
    I’m half Snow White and half Belle.
    Maybe you could put a “Which Disney Prince Are You?” for the boys?
    Week 5 STUBC Commenter

    • Mrs. Wohlafka,
      Cool! I certainly could, and I might so that girls can see which Disney Prince they are. I don’t see a reason that boys couldn’t be able to see which princess they are.

  2. Hi Lily, I’m Rylee and I think your quiz was great! I’m Belle and I also thought it was ironic that mostly B’s would be Belle haha! I think you could turn this into a real quiz if you wanted to. I’m impressed with your creativity and hope to see more. Come visit my site @ https//:2024rov.edublogs.org

    • Rylee,
      Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you how much I love your blog! It’s amazing! I love Buzzfeed quizzes, but I’m pretty sure they’ve already made one for this topic. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Hello Lily, I am Amanda. I really enjoyed doing your quiz and it was really creative. I love doing personality tests. I have even made ones of my own. I did yours and I got half Snow White and half Rapunzel. I like your blog and how you encourage creative writing. Please visit my blog and leave a comment at https://2024akb.edublogs.org/

  4. Hi Lily, my name is Jason and I took your quiz even though I am a boy and I am apparently I am Snow White. I like your quiz but it was kind of short so maybe you should make it longer. But still it was still great. Please come check out my blogs at http://2024wangj.edublogs.org/

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