The Tale of The Stickered Water Bottle Epidemic

Stickered Waterbottle Taken by Me

Ah, at last, I’m facing my last few days of 7th grade. With only four more days of struggle and despair, I’ve decided to rise from the grave of my pretty much dead blog and finally write something.

Every school has its trend. I remember in 2015, t’was the year of the Pokemon cards. Let’s not even talk about how many times I tripped on those ginormous, packed full, binders of cards. The end of the year school trend happens to be stickered waterbottles. I have a large collection of reusable waterbottles, but not once have I considered decorating them with stickers. One day, I went to school and saw the first stickered waterbottle to touch campus. I LOVED it. It was a clear nalgene with a bunch of water themed stickers. Never had I laid sight on something so beautiful. So, I went home for the weekend and purchased one. Amazing! I thought I’d be the coolest kid in the 7th grade. The next day of school, HALF OF THE STUDENTS had stickered water bottles. Nalgenes, Contigos, Hydroflasks. I was crushed. I later returned my waterbottle to the store.

I cannot believe that I let others influence my decision and keep me away from doing something I was interested in. Yet, I would hate to be like everyone else. Each day, I see a new stickered waterbottle. I still regret returning mine. So long, waterbottle, so long.

Your 2019 Guide to Girl Scout Cookie Season


Girl Scout Logo

It’s that time of year again. One that many look forward to. Cookie season! This is the time when Girl Scouts show off they skills in Relations, Business, and Money Management. For only $4.00 a box, you can get delicious cookies. Don’t be fooled, these cookies may be cheap, but you’ll end up buying so many boxes that they really aren’t that cheap. Let’s get going with my guide to GS cookie season!

Where to Buy: When it’s time to sell cookies, Girl Scouts are everywhere. This means that wherever you go, you’ll probably find the kind you want. You’ll often find Girl Scouts selling cookies at the supermarket. Sometimes, you may find out that people in your workplace know Girl Scouts to but from. You may even have a couple at your school!

Who to Buy From: This year at my school, we have two girls selling cookies. Uh oh. The competition is on. So, who do you buy from? You should buy from the nicer of the two, the one who you think deserves it, and a person you can trust. If this decision is too hard, you could always buy from troops other than at your school.

The Cookies: 

  • Girl Scout S’mores™
  • Thin Mints®
  • Caramel deLites®
  • Peanut Butter Patties®
  • Shortbread
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Lemonades®
  • Thanks-A-Lot™
  • Caramel Chocolate Chip

My favorite is the Lemonades! What’s yours? See ya next time!

Lily’s 21 by 21 List

I’ve made Forbes 30 under 30! Joking. I’ve created Lily’s 21 by 21. The list below contains 21 things I want to have done by the time I am 21.

  1. Be the youngest member of the US Supreme Court
  2. Have had traveled to all the countries in the world
  3.  Have won the national Spelling Bee
  4. Purchased 6 million dollar homes across the globe
  5. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio
  6. Have a charity named after me
  7. Be fluent in French
  8. Be very successful in the stock market
  9. Start a multi million dollar company
  10. Still be writing my blog
  11. Write a New York Times Bestseller series for YA
  12. Have my own collection of plates, pots, and pans
  13. Own a restaurant specifically in Asheville
  14. Have my own collection of furniture
  15. Have my own magazine
  16. Be interviewed by Vogue
  17. Be a Georgetown Alumni
  18. Be famous amongst my neighbors for my amazing biscuits
  19. Have a leading role in a successful teen drama
  20. Direct a horror film
  21. Be in Forbes 30 under 30

So, in 9 years I’ll get back to you! Like the post? Comment below your thoughts on what you’d want to do by any age of your choice!

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Wow, so now I’m trying to one up Buzzfeed. Fun! For this week’s challenge I’ve decided to create a quiz determining which Disney princess you are! This is determined by A, B, C. Answers below.

What’s your preference of housing?

A. A  cottage surrounded by trees

B. A big castle on the top of a cliff

C.  A tower in complete isolation


Where do you spend most of your time?

A.  Wherever my friends are

B. My library, of course

C. My garden with herbs of all kinds


What’s your favorite season?

A. Spring

B. Winter

C. Summer


Your go-to meal…

A. Apple Crisp

B.  Gray Stuff

C. Rosemary

Mostly A’s = Snow White

Mostly B’s = Belle

Mostly C’s = Rapunzel

Thanks so so much, and comment down below who you are! PS. I’m Belle.

SBC: My Image Guessing Game

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share a new post in celebration of week 3 of  SBC. I skipped last weeks challenge, but am so ready to get back into it!

Instead of exactly following this week’s list of options, I’m using one of my old class’s ideas from last year.

How you play:

  • Look at the images below
  •  Think…what do they mean
  • Decided? Comment down below and I’ll let you know

Credit: pixabella, open clipart
Credit: bnsonger47,open clipart

Comment down below what you think I’ve said! Hint: It’s a fun fact!

October Student Blogging Challenge

Screenshot of Countdown by me

Woah, I haven’t been on my blog in a while! Things are changing. I no longer am a part of Ms. Mack’s wonderful Language Arts class. My current class does not participate in blogging, so I’m taking it upon myself to continue my personal blog.

My good friend Kenna and I will be continuing our blogs by taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge starting October 7th. If you are ages 8-18 this is an amazing opportunity to grow your blog. You can sign up as a class, a commenter (if you’re an adult), or just a personal student. Kenna and I won’t be doing many collaborations, we’ll just both be continuing our blogs. I do hope to do some collaborations with her in the future, though.

I’ll try to participate in as many challenges as I can, just know that with the busy schedule of a 7th grader, it’ll be hard sometimes. I’m super excited to be blogging again. If you want to join the challenge and don’t know how, feel free to comment down below. I’d be happy to try and answer questions as best as possible. Thank you!

Blog Audit

SBC Badge

It’s the end my friends…of the Student Blogging Challenge! I’m still going to keep blogging. This is called an audit for my blog. An audit is a review to see how I’ve been doing and things to improve on. There will be a few questions I’m answering in this post and I encourage you to evaluate your own and make an audit.

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 6 posts for the SBC

I’m very proud of my writing for the Student Blogging Challenge. I’m least proud of The Little Things I Notice because it was not an original idea and I believe that those who own the right to the topic should’ve been put in the Flipboard Magazine, not me.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? I did!

I’ve always had fun with the blog options and wanted to change my theme to an airy color scheme, as I expected many more readers than my small class.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Probably this post about money. It inspired a more NY Times newspaper style of writing, which I’m loving but don’t want to overload.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I added a variety of widgets. My favorite is the quote of the day, of which Claire is convinced I stole from her. I love the little quotes and even send them to friends sometimes.

  • What was my favorite part of this challenge?

I’ve added this question to the audit myself. I was so amazed by the variety of blogs I explored. It was wonderful meeting others who had similar thoughts as me on post subjects.

Time for a parent audit. My mother has volunteered to answer a few questions for this post, her answers down below.

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?
    • I was impressed by the topic choices. They seemed somewhat sophisticated for a 6th grader.
  • What captured your attention?
    • I liked the pictures that went along well with the titles.
  • What distracted you on the blog?
    • Honestly, today’s quote of the day is really distracting because I can’t think of any reason for you to have a quote from The Pope.
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
    • I kept scrolling, looking for your comments but I can’t….oh! Right under the title…yeah I would change that.

Thank you so much to Ms. Mack for giving us the opportunity to join this challenge!

Extra, Extra….Money-SBC

Credit: Pexels

Ahh, lovely viewers, I am sad to say that the Student Blogging Challenge is coming soon to a close. I have chosen out of three topics, to discuss money. Though just green paper, these little slips are the most valued paper in the US. Anyways, let’s talk spending extra. Are you mad that you had to pay extra to see Avengers: Infinity Wars in 3-D? I want to know why you have to pay extra!

My experience with 3-D: I rarely see these eye-aching movies, just for the reason that they are eye-aching. I’ve seen a few and there are many reasons to see them. I don’t find them super cool, but, again, I don’t see them often. My parents believe that is a waste of money. Me? No! It isn’t in my opinion.

About 3-D: It takes a lot of extra money to produce 3-D films. Also, a lot of extra time. For some reason, 3-D versions of movies always come out about 2 or 3 days before the normal is introduced.

What other students think: So, there’s a lot of different opinions. Let’s look. Allyse says, “I’d pay $3 to NOT see a movie in 3D. I hate the strain of your eyes watching 2+ hours of a 3D movie.”. While others say that they would pay the extra, only if the movie has stronger effects.

There ya go. I know I promised a HP post, trust me, it’ll come soon. What’s your stance? Let me know down below. If you enjoyed this, please check out the article that inspired the post here. Want to learn more about 3D? Check this out!

Experiencing Empathy

Showing empathy towards others can be life-changing for the one who is experiencing it. In LA class, we are reading A Long Walk to Water. 

In the book, we are taken through two 11 year olds’ POV on living in Southern Sudan in 1985 and 2008. Each with their own struggles, they have never known anything else. Salva is separated from his family in the middle of a Sudan War. Nya takes the long walk each day to get water for her family.

The project for this book was an Empathy Challenge. The challenge I accepted was walking in my backyard to get to the creek and collecting water in a 2 gallon bucket. The amount of water I collected was the amount that I could use on Thursday. Walking down was difficult, as my backyard is extremely steep and downhill. So, I definitely felt the empathy there. I only collected around 1 gallon, cheating in .5 gallons extra for a sum of 1.5 gallons. Yes! I know that it was technically failing and I am NOT sorry. You’d understand if you did this project.

How my Thursday went? Pretty darn ok. I don’t have that dramatic tale of how I was practically hallucinating because I was SO thirsty. I took my shower and by the end, still had almost all my water I’d collected. I take very short showers when not washing my hair, but when I do have to wash it, that’s a different story. Drinking was a bit more hard. I’m not someone who doesn’t enjoy eating food. I don’t even know anyone who dislikes eating food! Plus, I just got a new bag of Salt and Vinegar Lays. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO IGNORE THAT? Anyways, the more I ate the thirstier I was and if you’ve ever had those Lays, you know the struggle of always needing water. Don’t worry, I DID flush. It was an ok from our teacher Ms. Mack. Yet, I did include the washing hands part and that’s when I lost a majority of my water. I will add a side note that it sort of sucked because I wasn’t able to get my full hour of Essential Oil Diffusing.

This project really made me feel the empathy. As a Slytherin (blog post coming about Harry Potter and My Connections soon), I still have a bit of myself that didn’t completely feel ‘empathized’. Nya had no idea that there was a world other than that which made me feel like our idea of showing empathy wasn’t true to the tale.

Follow Up Questions Like They Have At The End Of Novels:

-If you are in my class, what did you do?

-Would you do this?

-What would you do?

-Do you think doing this is enough?

Totally let me know, I’d appreciate it! That’s a good comment starter that I’ll try and add at the end of posts.

Photo By My Dad. This is when I fell in.
Photo By My Dad. The amount of water I got and my dirty shoes.
Photo By My Dad. Walking down to get water.

Hero Book Rundown

Taken By Me

Welcome lovely readers to the Hero Book Rundown! We’re going from a post about philosophy to a post on a school project. At my school, 6th Grade’s “big project” is making a book for those we admire, aka our heroes. What is a hero? A hero is a person that you look up to and are inspired by. They have probably impacted your life in some way or form. Who was my hero? My hero was none other than my aunt, Shelley. She is an author and award winning screenwriter. I chose her because she’s inspired me to take part in creative writing, which I have found a major passion for.  What was this project known as the Hero Book? With artist Peg Gignoux, students put their creative minds to work and created paper, collage-ish books that would later hold our writing and tales of the hero. With the editing help of our peers and Ms. Mack, we wrote 3 tales of experiences where our hero became more of a hero. Once our books were finished, we showed them at the Frank Gallery. My aunt lives in California, so she wasn’t there, which is why I did not enjoy the gallery. Who is your hero? What makes them your hero?

Taken By Me
Taken By Me