Which Disney Princess Are You?


Wow, so now I’m trying to one up Buzzfeed. Fun! For this week’s challenge I’ve decided to create a quiz determining which Disney princess you are! This is determined by A, B, C. Answers below.

What’s your preference of housing?

A. A  cottage surrounded by trees

B. A big castle on the top of a cliff

C.  A tower in complete isolation


Where do you spend most of your time?

A.  Wherever my friends are

B. My library, of course

C. My garden with herbs of all kinds


What’s your favorite season?

A. Spring

B. Winter

C. Summer


Your go-to meal…

A. Apple Crisp

B.  Gray Stuff

C. Rosemary

Mostly A’s = Snow White

Mostly B’s = Belle

Mostly C’s = Rapunzel

Thanks so so much, and comment down below who you are! PS. I’m Belle.

SBC: My Image Guessing Game

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share a new post in celebration of week 3 of  SBC. I skipped last weeks challenge, but am so ready to get back into it!

Instead of exactly following this week’s list of options, I’m using one of my old class’s ideas from last year.

How you play:

  • Look at the images below
  •  Think…what do they mean
  • Decided? Comment down below and I’ll let you know

Credit: pixabella, open clipart
Credit: bnsonger47,open clipart

Comment down below what you think I’ve said! Hint: It’s a fun fact!

October Student Blogging Challenge

Screenshot of Countdown by me

Woah, I haven’t been on my blog in a while! Things are changing. I no longer am a part of Ms. Mack’s wonderful Language Arts class. My current class does not participate in blogging, so I’m taking it upon myself to continue my personal blog.

My good friend Kenna and I will be continuing our blogs by taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge starting October 7th. If you are ages 8-18 this is an amazing opportunity to grow your blog. You can sign up as a class, a commenter (if you’re an adult), or just a personal student. Kenna and I won’t be doing many collaborations, we’ll just both be continuing our blogs. I do hope to do some collaborations with her in the future, though.

I’ll try to participate in as many challenges as I can, just know that with the busy schedule of a 7th grader, it’ll be hard sometimes. I’m super excited to be blogging again. If you want to join the challenge and don’t know how, feel free to comment down below. I’d be happy to try and answer questions as best as possible. Thank you!

Blog Audit

SBC Badge

It’s the end my friends…of the Student Blogging Challenge! I’m still going to keep blogging. This is called an audit for my blog. An audit is a review to see how I’ve been doing and things to improve on. There will be a few questions I’m answering in this post and I encourage you to evaluate your own and make an audit.

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 6 posts for the SBC

I’m very proud of my writing for the Student Blogging Challenge. I’m least proud of The Little Things I Notice because it was not an original idea and I believe that those who own the right to the topic should’ve been put in the Flipboard Magazine, not me.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? I did!

I’ve always had fun with the blog options and wanted to change my theme to an airy color scheme, as I expected many more readers than my small class.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Probably this post about money. It inspired a more NY Times newspaper style of writing, which I’m loving but don’t want to overload.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I added a variety of widgets. My favorite is the quote of the day, of which Claire is convinced I stole from her. I love the little quotes and even send them to friends sometimes.

  • What was my favorite part of this challenge?

I’ve added this question to the audit myself. I was so amazed by the variety of blogs I explored. It was wonderful meeting others who had similar thoughts as me on post subjects.

Time for a parent audit. My mother has volunteered to answer a few questions for this post, her answers down below.

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?
    • I was impressed by the topic choices. They seemed somewhat sophisticated for a 6th grader.
  • What captured your attention?
    • I liked the pictures that went along well with the titles.
  • What distracted you on the blog?
    • Honestly, today’s quote of the day is really distracting because I can’t think of any reason for you to have a quote from The Pope.
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
    • I kept scrolling, looking for your comments but I can’t….oh! Right under the title…yeah I would change that.

Thank you so much to Ms. Mack for giving us the opportunity to join this challenge!

Extra, Extra….Money-SBC

Credit: Pexels

Ahh, lovely viewers, I am sad to say that the Student Blogging Challenge is coming soon to a close. I have chosen out of three topics, to discuss money. Though just green paper, these little slips are the most valued paper in the US. Anyways, let’s talk spending extra. Are you mad that you had to pay extra to see Avengers: Infinity Wars in 3-D? I want to know why you have to pay extra!

My experience with 3-D: I rarely see these eye-aching movies, just for the reason that they are eye-aching. I’ve seen a few and there are many reasons to see them. I don’t find them super cool, but, again, I don’t see them often. My parents believe that is a waste of money. Me? No! It isn’t in my opinion.

About 3-D: It takes a lot of extra money to produce 3-D films. Also, a lot of extra time. For some reason, 3-D versions of movies always come out about 2 or 3 days before the normal is introduced.

What other students think: So, there’s a lot of different opinions. Let’s look. Allyse says, “I’d pay $3 to NOT see a movie in 3D. I hate the strain of your eyes watching 2+ hours of a 3D movie.”. While others say that they would pay the extra, only if the movie has stronger effects.

There ya go. I know I promised a HP post, trust me, it’ll come soon. What’s your stance? Let me know down below. If you enjoyed this, please check out the article that inspired the post here. Want to learn more about 3D? Check this out!

Moving Forwards For The Better

Credit: Pexels

And…my whole gallery just deleted itself, so that’s what I’ll be writing about instead of the gallery.

I love History class. Right now we’re discussing government and wrote about a specific question. What does the government do for people? My answer? It provides people opportunities to better themselves FOR themselves and opportunities for a better future. To me, opportunity means change. Change means moving forward. Example, I had to change this blog post from Aesthetic Photos to Moving Forwards For The Better. Meaning I had to change the post.

When 2018 started, I had a goal of New Year New Lily. I tried so hard, it was basically my catchphrase. It wasn’t a total flop, as I did change. But, what if I change the wrong things? I change how I was living. My skincare routine for the night, WHICH WAS LITERALLY JUST WATER. Also, check out https://24avaroset.edublogs.org/2018/04/18/just-plain-water/. My friend is an AMAZING writer and deserves comments on her post about water. Not suggested if you currently have to go to the bathroom. Anyways, I started doing yoga, lighting candles, basically working on my 2018 aesthetic new lifestyle. What I needed to change were my motives for changing, and how I changed.

I’m working on changing how I think, and I’m glad to say that I think I’ve found my own sort of style which is philosophical. Relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. This philosophical perspective makes me think deeper and I actually have SO much fun experimenting with this thought. My motives are how this will benefit my future. I want to either work in government or be an actor. Yet, what if I don’t go that way? I believe philosophy can help me in everything.

How do you want to change yourself for the better? Do you? I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts and letting me go on about my thoughts. By the end of writing this, I have decided that I will be devoting myself to philosophy and becoming a philosopher. Not to shabby for something other than a picture gallery, eh?


Cheats and Must Have Mods For The Sims 4

By me. This is what the tumblr site looks like with websites at the top.

The Sims 4 is not only my favorite game in the world, it is also popular among a wide amount of people all across the world. That means that, to sound scientific falsely, 47 people purchase Sims 4 PER DAY. Thats 47 clueless people a day on cheats, mods, and cc. I’M HERE TO HELP THOSE 47 PEOPLE. This will be a whopping 3 paragraphs of all that good information that 47 people are currently clueless about. Let’s go go go!

CC. To start off, there are two different types of custom content. You can choose Maxis Match (the good route) and use custom content that looks exactly like EA’s clothing and genetics.  There’s also Alpha cc, which I don’t suggest because it could totally crash your game. Alpha is for those who prefer to have their Sims be a bit more realistic than the cartoon looking Sims of Sims 4. You’d enjoy Alpha if you are nostalgic for that classic Sims 3 vibe. Where do I get cc? I get all my Maxis Match custom content by searching ‘Sims 4 mm cc’ on Tumblr, Pinterest, and rarely, the stone cold internet. Tumblr provides me with blogs of those who post their favorite Maxis Match custom content.

Mods. There’s two types of mods, the ones to enhance the experience and others to adjust or cheat your way into an easier way of playing. If you don’t have MC Command Center, your game sucks, guaranteed. MC Command Center provides you with cheats, and is something you need if you’re a lazy simmer, which almost all 47 of you are.  Enhancing the experience could be things that let your sims gain hygiene via swimming. I get a majority of my mods from Modthesims.com, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Cheats. I suggest you look it up. There is something called the forums for Simmers. It is people who play the Sims 4 giving advice and chatting with others who play the Sims 4. You can get money cheats to make your sims rich such as motherlode or rosebud. Cheats are mostly for those who don’t have MC Command Center, so again, please get this. If you enjoy building more than creating sims in CAS, you should use bb.moveobjects on. It lets you move objects in places that you normally couldn’t. Before you spend time searching for cheats, YOU NEED MC Command Center. Get it. NOW.

That’s all! I hope you use this to the best of your simmer ability. If you used any of these, Eliza Pancakes and I say hello.

The Family Gone Avatar-Student Blogging Challenge

No, I’m not talking about the N’avi, we’re talking about the avatars you can make in the Sims 4. For the first week of the March 2018 Student Blogging Challenge, I made my family into avatars. The specific people in my family I made are my Dad, Mom, and Me! I hope you enjoy this blog post and my hard work!

My Family By Me Made From The Sims 4