The Backpack Project

In Language Arts, we are enjoying a class novel. The novel is Finding Someplace  by Denise Patrick. In the novel, Reesie Boone is planning for evacuation, but she doesn’t have much time to pack. She gathers things that are useful, must-haves, and very important materials. Ms. Mack gave us the chance to pack our backpack as if we were evacuating. A/B period designed a backpack and filled it with items we found needed. For important items, I brought: My USA passport, Pepper Spray, a Thermos™, and First Aid. Items I wanted for fun were things such as photos of family, my phone, and a squishy pillow. The only necessities I brought were cloths, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a Hershey Bar, and a raincoat. The backpack is pink and gray, decorated with some pins. The pins: Waves, Peace Sign, Stars, Basketball, Love Vogue™, and Dance. I wanted to put the pins on my backpack because they give me a sense of home.

Backpack Project Photo By: Lily Zellman