My Cheerio Experience

Screenshot of Grade Taken by Ms. Mack

I’m writing this thank you letter to let you know how much fun I had and to thank you for giving me such an amazing experience. It was my first time at Camp Cheerio, so I was a bit nervous about attending. When I got there, I realized there was no need to be nervous, as I was around amazing Councilors! While there, I enjoyed bonding with friends during the numerous activities and being courageous while pushing my limits. I learned more about myself as a person. While testing my limits, you guys encouraged me to go beyond myself and overcome my fears. For example, on the hike, I was very nervous that someone or I was going to fall down a cliff, thank goodness no one did!

I have three favorite activities, too! My most favorite one was canoeing, my second favorite activity was eating your delicious food, at last but not least, the Spelio Box! Canoeing was a great experience, as I got to bond with my friends Claire Louise and Betsy. With both, we hit a lot of rocks and ended up having to get out of the canoe several times. Your food was AMAZING! My favorite meals were the Turkey Dinner and the Strawberry Shortcake. The cake was light and fluffy, and the strawberries were ripe and very fresh tasting. I’ve never had better cake than that! That feeling when you step into the Spelio Box is like none other. You hop into the box, get on all fours, and prepare to find light in a small, dark space. I was one of the last people out of the box and had to have people show me the way out.

I’d like to thank Mel, the sweeper in canoes (Sorry I forgot your name), and the Cooking Staff! Sweeper, you encouraged Betsy, whom you called Frankie, and I to keep paddling no matter how many rocks we hit or how many times we stepped out into the cold water. Mel, you were just very funny and a lot of fun, especially during Dance Night. Food Staff, your food was SO GOOD. Thank you for providing me with amazing food! I appreciate all the hard work Nurse Sharon put into making sure everyone was safe and had their medication! Overall, thank you all for making Cheerio such an amazing experience!