What’s On My Desk?

Welcome all to this wonderful free choice post! It is almost time for me to redo my room, and I recently had to pick a desk. It got me thinking and I decided I should start using my current desk, as it just sits in my room. In this post, I’ll be sharing what’s on my desk and suggesting items that might be good for you to put on a desk.

What’s on my desk:


-Mason Jars



-Essential Oil Diffuser

Here is why I have those items and I suggest all of them. Starting with the top and down to the bottom. Candles can be used for decoration, or actual lighting. I currently have a Vanilla Bean candle by White Barn and I love it! Mason Jars! I’m sure some of you have scrolled down millions of Mason Jar DIYS on tumblr or Pinterest. At the moment, I’m using a large mason jar decorated with varieties of Washi Tape, with a pen taped to it. This is actually for writing down achievements so that I can look through them at the end of 2018. Onto my favorite accessories: pens! I have exactly 24 pens consisting of Papermate, generic gel pens, and STAPLES gel ball pens. A lot of people don’t know that I am a HUGE Andy Warhol fan. To show that, I purchased a Collectible Art Series from Barnes and Nobles. It contains a random collectible which is in a Campbells “soup” can. I keep all my pens in the can, but keep the vintage camera collectible on the other side of my desk.  Stationary is pretty boring and simple. I have a tape roll, a stapler, and pins.  Let’s get onto the diffuser! I LOVE this! Mine is a woody grain texture and brown. My favorite scent is rosemary, by far! Ok then, hope you like my desk and the post!

Andy Warhol Collectible With Pens Taken By Lily