Electric House

Snap, crackle, boom, pop! Electricity! The forgotten one! We all have some electricity running through our house. Face it, electricity is everywhere. I am part of ┬áMs. Punk’s science class and have been learning about electricity. We were assigned to build an electric house. Kenna, of Keeping it Classy with Kenna, and I chose to do Small World in a Small Box. It started out with a schematic. That my friends, was a struggle. We had to combine all the circuits into one. (Schematic Shown Below) Nothing seemed entirely correct, until we got the ok. Personally, the schematic was the hardest part. Kenna worked on attaching the wires to the box and making a drawing become reality. We both decided what the appliances would be for. We used the motor for a Peter Pan and Wendy hanging sculpture, the buzzer for the noisy air conditioning and everything else for the original purpose. E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y! What does that spell? Electricity!

Rough Schematic Drawn by Lily