Why Creative Writing is Important

Drawing by me

My LA class doesn’t participate in too much Creative Writing, and it dissapoints me, a lot. That’s something I can’t hide. I’ve been reassured that at some point we have a creative writing unit in LA, but until then, what am I supposed to do?  I find it unfortunate that the only places I can really write are in my club called The Locker and on this blog. I absolutely love my school, it is really a great community to share writing with, but the main priorities come off as Maths and Sciences. Yet, that doesn’t fit for many people.

Creative Writing is so important. I know a few people who write to express their feelings, good and bad. Some people write what they cannot read. So, if you’re looking for a story about the vegetarian dinosaur who eats at an all meat buffet, you may have to write it. That’s not always a bad thing. It just gives more opportunities to write something without it being pretty much, well, plagerism.

Even if you don’t like to read, you could still write, just give it a try. Though Creative Writing is different than Writing, itself, it comes in many forms. Poems, Short Stories, a novella, even maybe writing song lyrics.

Face it, writing is important. Like it or not, try it.


My Inspirational Quote

Quote by: Lily Photo by: SparkPost

I’m here to tell you about my favorite quote. The quote is, “Don’t just fly, Soar.”. Walt Disney made this quote for the movie, Dumbo. This is my favorite quote because it is not only so powerful and meaningful, but it is also Disney! I think people need to pay attention to the word “Don’t” in this quote. People are always telling what to do. This quote is telling you what not to do, for your benefit. Don’t you dare just fly, you need to soar. Try your hardest and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, but what you can. That’s why it is so important to me! Don’t or Do? Do or Die? Those are questions to ask yourself when you look at this quote. It reminds me of people looking down on others and themselves. For example, bullying and telling someone you can’t do that and can only do this. The quote means to me, try your hardest, if it might bring you down with negative energy, don’t listen to others. Be unlimited, don’t fly when you can soar! Speaking of limits, don’t limit yourself and don’t let others choose what you can and can’t do. You are you! You, yourself know what you can do! Stay positive and remember, “Don’t just fly, Soar.”.

The Book of My Summer!

Lily and Dunkin mini-book Drawn by Lily

This book is recommended by Lily Zellman, President, Author, and Musician. The reviewed book is Lily and Dunkin, written by Donna Gephart. The book is a total of 352 pages.

           Tim has always felt unsure about “himself” and “his” love for dresses. Dunkin has a bipolar Disorder. When the two meet, they combine to be an amazing duo. This novel about to unsure eighth graders is intriguing, inspiring, and unique. The aspects of Tim dealing with family acceptance and Dunkin feeling alone without courage, make this novel one you will always remember.

When I finished, I was absolutely shocked. I’d never read such a powerful novel. You should read Lily and Dunkin because of its diversity and empowering message. My favorite quote is, “When you are brave and honest, you make it easier for the next person.”- Dunkin. You would love this book if you like George! I cannot put my passion for this book into words!

Thank you for reading this! I really hope you decide to read this amazing novel!