Diaper Bank

Counting Diapers Pictrue By: Teacher Picture of: Lily

For Community Service Day, Harris and Gould went to the Durham Diaper Bank to make bundles of diapers. I enjoyed the trip very much. The Senior Volunteer gave us options for jobs and I decided to be one of the people who counted diapers. Counters counted the packs of 25 diapers, giving them to the wrappers. I did more math that day, than I had in my life. It was so much fun knowing I was giving to the community and those who couldn’t afford diapers. I’m still shocked that WIC isn’t providing diapers to those who need them. Durham Diaper Bank has an amazing cause and is really great at helping that! I can not wait to go again and try to make more than our 9,745 diaper pack record!