Cheats and Must Have Mods For The Sims 4

By me. This is what the tumblr site looks like with websites at the top.

The Sims 4 is not only my favorite game in the world, it is also popular among a wide amount of people all across the world. That means that, to sound scientific falsely, 47 people purchase Sims 4 PER DAY. Thats 47 clueless people a day on cheats, mods, and cc. I’M HERE TO HELP THOSE 47 PEOPLE. This will be a whopping 3 paragraphs of all that good information that 47 people are currently clueless about. Let’s go go go!

CC. To start off, there are two different types of custom content. You can choose Maxis Match (the good route) and use custom content that looks exactly like EA’s clothing and genetics.  There’s also Alpha cc, which I don’t suggest because it could totally crash your game. Alpha is for those who prefer to have their Sims be a bit more realistic than the cartoon looking Sims of Sims 4. You’d enjoy Alpha if you are nostalgic for that classic Sims 3 vibe. Where do I get cc? I get all my Maxis Match custom content by searching ‘Sims 4 mm cc’ on Tumblr, Pinterest, and rarely, the stone cold internet. Tumblr provides me with blogs of those who post their favorite Maxis Match custom content.

Mods. There’s two types of mods, the ones to enhance the experience and others to adjust or cheat your way into an easier way of playing. If you don’t have MC Command Center, your game sucks, guaranteed. MC Command Center provides you with cheats, and is something you need if you’re a lazy simmer, which almost all 47 of you are.  Enhancing the experience could be things that let your sims gain hygiene via swimming. I get a majority of my mods from, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Cheats. I suggest you look it up. There is something called the forums for Simmers. It is people who play the Sims 4 giving advice and chatting with others who play the Sims 4. You can get money cheats to make your sims rich such as motherlode or rosebud. Cheats are mostly for those who don’t have MC Command Center, so again, please get this. If you enjoy building more than creating sims in CAS, you should use bb.moveobjects on. It lets you move objects in places that you normally couldn’t. Before you spend time searching for cheats, YOU NEED MC Command Center. Get it. NOW.

That’s all! I hope you use this to the best of your simmer ability. If you used any of these, Eliza Pancakes and I say hello.

The Family Gone Avatar-Student Blogging Challenge

No, I’m not talking about the N’avi, we’re talking about the avatars you can make in the Sims 4. For the first week of the March 2018 Student Blogging Challenge, I made my family into avatars. The specific people in my family I made are my Dad, Mom, and Me! I hope you enjoy this blog post and my hard work!

My Family By Me Made From The Sims 4