Turbulent Titanic Time Travel

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Evening boys and girls! Welcome aboard the Titanic! On your journey aboard the unsinkable ship, you can take part in fine dining, classic showings of remarkable musical performances, and enjoy the fantastic sights that you may see on your journey! I turn around and thank the man. Immediately, I can tell that the man talking to me is the one and only  Edward J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic. He mentioned food, and automatically felt my stomach raging at me for not eating on my way here. On my way to the dining hall, I take a minute to enjoy my surroundings. I’ve always been fascinated with people, especially these people. The men in newly tailored suits and women with big, feathered hats, and long velvet and lace dresses going down past the ankle. Then, I look at myself through a huge mirror. Where did I get these clothes! I’m in the exact clothing as some of the other ladies! Trying to keep calm, I sit myself down at the nearest table with a few others. After my luxurious lox and cream cheese, I check my little watch. It is already 9:24. I waltz down to my 1st class cabin only made for the finest and richest, of which does NOT describe me. And my friends, I am off to sleep..BAM

A large crash and lots of screams are coming to me. It is only around 11:40 and I believe that on April 14, I deserve to sleep in. Two hours later I can feel my toes wet! It is hard to tell if it is real, but my surroundings tell me yes. 2:20…I hardly got any sleep. I put on my night robe and raged out of my cabin. Now this is when Messy Hair Don’t Care comes in to play. No one is at my floor! I run upstairs, it is quite empty. No lifeboats…they’re all gone! I decide to grab something near me, as a little memento for someone to find if I don’t make it. A nice locket suits me just fine, but as I reach to grab it, I fall and hear a nice, cold splash.

Ping! A bulky machine ejects me from its center. I’m soaking wet, but recognize that I’m at home. I feel a heavy locket in my pocket and sigh. Looks like Uncle Jimmy’s time machine really worked!

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