My Favorite Wisdom Tale

Picture Drawn By Lily

Hey there! In LA, class has been reading Wisdom Tales that have important meanings. Here’s a bit about my favorite!
A tree is very old and twisted and no one ever has wanted to chop it down because of it being twisted. The woodcutters wanted tall and straight trees that could be used for projects and houses. They believed that this bent tree was useless and couldn’t do anything. So, the woodcutters neglect the tree for years, but one day, they find themselves using the tree. The woodcutters had been sitting under the tree because it offered shade and comfort. The tree was now useful.

This is my favorite wisdom tale because of the amazing moral. This tale teaches you that you are worth it and no one is entirely useless. If you feel useless, you probably just haven’t realized your true purpose. You’ve just got to live up to your potential.