What I’m Watching – Netflix

The media is always raging about the newest shows and movies. Let’s talk about that! (Pretend Intro Music!) Welcome back to Lily’s Life. This blog will be about what I’m watching. Everything Netflix. What better way to start out that with the classic way to watch shows that are original and no longer playing on TV? That’s right, Netflix. Right now I’m watching everything from Glee to AFV. My favorite show right now is definitely Glee! My favorite characters are Sue Sylvester and Kurt Hummel. It is about several high school students of a variety of stereotypes. Typical Football players, cheerleaders, and those quite kids that no one likes. The show includes A LOT of slushy throwing. It teaches you that no one is left behind and that sometimes you WILL fail, but you’ve got to keep trying. While it is still very comedic, it HAS that amazing important message. Alrighty, thanks so much for reading this post! -A