Designated Child Seats…A New Addition to Public Transportation

Designated Child Seat By Me

Picture this:

It is currently 7:30 A.M. You’re 5 years old. Your dad was called into work early and has no one to watch you while he’s gone. So, he has to take you with him to work. Your dad is a user of public transportation. You two hop on the bus and sit in the regular seats right near the back. It’s time to get off, as you’ve arrived at your dad’s office. Dad is on his phone, not paying enough attention to realize that you’ve already hopped off the bus….with someone else! This could have been prevented by one of my handy dandy inventions.

I think buses need Designated Child Seats. Did I come up with these during class? Yes. So, they’re not official. These special seats would be bright yellow, so that you would notice them right away as you enter the bus. They’d be made out of plastic, but comfy plastic. Their location would be right at the front of the bus. Close to the exit and in the driver’s view. The parent or responsible adult watching the child would have a seat next to the child. The seat would also have a little belt to keep the child in the seat. The adult would have to get the child in and out of the seat.

Picture it in action:

You’re an adult with your child using public transportation. You politely tell the driver that you are responsible for this child. Then, they will suggest that you use the child seat, depending on the age of the child. You have the child sit in the seat and you secure the belt. Then, enjoy your trip! After you’ve arrived at your destination, get the child out of the seat, have them exit in front of you, thank the driver, and enjoy the rest of your day!

This is just a fun little idea of mine, that I hope to act upon. Feel free to comment any questions or ideas. See sketch above for what my chairs would look like.