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Hey there! My name is Lily and I’m, quite clearly, the person behind Literally Lily. I’m in the 7th grade, and am blogging as an individual student. I like listening to music, writing, blogging, and public speaking. My favorite songs are Happier by Marshmello, Side Effects by The Chainsmokers, and Shotgun by George Ezra. My writing partner and I write everything from Fantasy to Realistic-Fiction. Obviously, here is my blog where I blog about anything and everything I’m passionate about. I haven’t done much public speaking in my time, but I have done one speech testifying the usage of the phrase No Offense.

Fun facts:

  • I’ve never been out of the country
  • I really want to go to China
  • I’m from California
  • My favorite spot in California is Hearst Castle
  • I have this weird interest in historic places with a tragic history
  • My celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio
  • My favorite movie is Titanic
  • People who have really inspired me: Mr. Harris, my recent social studies teacher, Ms. Mack, my recent LA teacher (also has a blog for her students), and my aunt
  • I really like philosophy and my signature quote is “I’m dedicating myself to becoming a philosopher.”

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

51 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Lily!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I will be your mentor this week for October 2018 Student Blogging Challenge.

    I see you like listening to George Ezra. I’ve never heard him, but I see one of his main influences is Woody Guthrie, whom I like a lot!

    Who is your writing partner? That’s great that you write fantasy and realistic fiction! Do you like to read?

    I loved visiting Hearst Castle! I was born in Norway, but moved to this country when I was 22 months old. Since then I have visited Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and Italy (and I’ve been back to visit my relatives in Norway). Do you have relatives in China?

    • My name is Carter, I want to visit California. Is it nice? Is there a lot of baseball, I love baseball. I really liked your blog.

  2. Mrs. Wohlafka,
    Thank you for the comment! I didn’t recognize him by the name, but when I looked up Woody Gruthie, I could see how George Ezra must’ve been inspired by him. My writing partner is my friend and classmate Betsy, who’s blog is 24betsys.edublogs.org. I like Realistic Fiction and she likes Fantasy, so we do both. I don’t like reading very much because it’s really hard to find good books. I am reading A Court of Thorns and Roses, and it’s really good. I’ve never had much interest in European travel, but would absolutely love to go to Germany one day. I don’t have relatives in China. In history class, we’re learning about Ancient China and different dynasties. Thank you, again. I’m super excited for the rest of the challenge!

  3. I really like that you made more than two sentences and explained about yourself and I really liked it I wonder why you like wired history it is funny and spooky at the same time and you can see my blog at fabanjuw edublosg .Org

  4. Hi lily,
    My name is Elijah I love ❤️ your blog. BUT why do you want to go to China? Is it because, you have family that lives there. What is it like in California. Is it hot? Do you have horrible hurricanes? My favorite song is it’s EVERY DAY BRO. Do you like Jake Paul or Lagan Paul? I like Jake Paul!😀

    • Elijah,
      Thank you so much! I do not have family in China, but am really interested in the culture and history. I’m not in California anymore, I’m in North Carolina. It is crazy humid here, and we only have bad hurricanes once in a while. I don’t like either, but I LOVE Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul. Have you seen it?

  5. Lily, you are such an awesome and interesting person! What historic places with tragic stories are you interested in? Also, i’m SO glad that you like to write because it’s my favorite thing to do! Maybe you’ll be a writer some day; you certainly have the talent!😘

    • Aunt Shelley,
      It’s really awesome to hear from you! Not exactly places in general, but I really like Hearst Castle. Titanic, and the Imperial Palace. I’d love to school for writing! Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hi Lily,
    Do you like to read and if you do whats your favorite book. Also I like how you wrote a lot about yourself. This is the best blog so far so good job!

    • Aviv,
      I prefer writing than reading. It’s hard for me to find the right books. Right now, I’m reading ACOTAR. Thank you so much!

  7. I really like your blog I really like the great wall of china you should really go and see it what do you want to see in China and why do you want to go to China.

    • Jad,
      Thank you! I want to see the Imperial Palace, also known as The Forbidden City. I’m learning about China in class, and it’s really interesting to me.

  8. Hi Lily! I love how you listed all of your facts it was very interesting to learn about you.
    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

  9. Hey Lily, I am also from California. What’s your favorite type of pizza? Mine is cheese with sausage, it’s really good. You should try it one day if you haven’t already!

  10. Hi Lily! I really enjoyed reading your blog and all of your interesting facts about you. I also enjoy listening to music and one of my favorite songs is Happier by Marshmello too! Your signature quote is very inspiring and how you enjoy philosophy so much! Since you enjoy listening to music, if you and only one song to listen to for the rest of the year what song would it be?

    • Haley,
      Thank you so much! I think it’s so cool we have favorite songs in common. What an interesting question….. My answer would have to be American Money by BØRNS. Do you have a blog? I’d be interested in reading it!

  11. Hey Lilly my names Maddy I’m from a school in Brisbane, Australia like you I like listening to music, writing and reading. My favourite songs are La devotee by Panic at the Disco and Jumpsuit by Twenty one Pilots. If you want to visit my blog it’s http://mato6w2018.edublogs.org/

  12. That’s something I can personally get behind Fantasy and Realistic fiction are two of my favorite genres. Maybe you guys could share some of your work with me.

  13. Hey Lily,

    while reading your blog I noticed you like Marshmallow I also listen to him i like the song that he made with Khalid “silence”.

    keep on blogging,

  14. Hi Lily

    It was really interesting to learn about you. I’m an Asian and I really want to come to California. I’ve never surfed but I’d like to do it on the Californian waves and also, walk around the beach. I’d absolutely love to come there. I hope you’d write some post which will tell a lot of nice things about California.

    I like Chinese history as well and my favorite thing to do during my holidays is probably watch all those Chinese historical dramas. Do you watch Chinese dramas too? There are many nice ones and I’m sure you’d love ‘Oh My Emperor’, in case you’re watching it.

    I’d like to read more of your blog posts.

    Happy writing! 😀

    • Rajyashori,
      That’s really interesting…do you have a specific beach in mind? That would actually be really cool, I could compare NC to CA. Chinese historical dramas? I’ve never heard of them! I’ll have to look into the one you’ve suggested. I’d like to read yours!
      Thank you,

    • Anya,
      I just had a conversation with my dad about Chicago! I think it’s really weird how Chicago is more known than Illinois. That’s awesome. I’ll check it out! Thanks.

  15. Hi Lily!
    My name is Katerina and I am from Iowa. Shotgun is also one of my favorite songs!
    I too have never been out of the country, but Italy is one place I really want to visit!
    I really like the way your blog looks.
    I was wondering what makes you want to go to China?
    Best wishes,
    Here is the link to my blog if you want to check it out: http://www.23kovarikk.edublogs.org

    • Katerina,
      I love your avatar. One of my close friends is from Iowa so that’s cool. I really like George Erza’s deep voice. I’m learning Chinese History in Social Studies, which is why I’d love to go to China.
      Super cool!

  16. Hi Lily,

    I love that you are in North Carolina; I have family there. They are from New Bern and were hit by the hurricane, but are rebuilding their business. North Carolina is one of my favorite places in the US because there are both mountains and beaches. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Let me just say that I love the fact that you like to write. As a teacher, I often find that students don’t really enjoy writing, however, I am trying to change that for the students I come in contact with. You should check out the work on some of my students at http://fadler.edublogs.org/

    Ms. Fadler – Coyote Pack

    • Ms. Fadler,
      First off, what a cute coyote! I’ve never seen a cuter one than the mascot on your blog. I’m glad they’re able to rebuild it. The only mountains I’ve ever been to are in Yosemite National Park, the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen in California. Second, I really don’t like the beach!
      That’s too bad. Good that you’re trying to change it, though!

  17. Hello Lily, I love reading about yourself and the layout of your blog. I found it very interesting how you live in California! My name is Cara and I am from Iowa. My favorite thing to do in Iowa is totally walking my dogs without too much noise. How about you? What are your favorite things to do in California? We have a few things in common like how you listen to Chainsmokers, they are my favorite band! I also love listening to music. I don’t know about you but music helps me in a lot of ways. Whatever you are doing keep it up you are doing great girl!

    Come visit my site if you like http://23mikkelsencr.edublogs.org/

    • Cara,
      Hey there! Thank you so much! I actually do not live in California, but I recently moved to North Carolina from there. I have a friend from Iowa, so that’s cool. My favorite thing to do ever….would be listen to Spotify, alone, while writing. When I was in California my favorite things to do would be going to Disneyland. I’m a Disney fanatic. I really only like that one song Side Effects, but that’s cool that you like them. Thanks! Same to you..

  18. Hi Lily
    I liked how you put fun facts after your paragraph. I too have never been out of the country and would love to visit China. Where would you like to visit in China? I would love to visit the Great Wall of China.

  19. Hi Lily,
    I really like philosophy too!
    Whoa, we have so much in common!
    I wish you luck in your edublogs journey.
    Here is my blog, if you’d like to check it out. -http://23hootenet.edublogs.org/
    Okay Bye Now,

  20. Hi Lily,

    My name is Elizabeth, I am from Iowa. I also like listening to music and have never been out of the country. A place I want to visit is Italy. What is your favorite genre of music?

    Happy Blogging,

    • Elizabeth,
      Iowa?! Super cool. My favorite genre of music is alternative, though I like a little bit of everything.

  21. Hi Lily,

    I am a 3-8 teacher blogging and teaching blogging for the first time, and I chose to read your blog because you have a really cool name. I can tell you like to write because you write really well. It was interesting learning about you through this blog. Keep up the great writing!

    Ms. Stark (http://techtchr.edublogs.org/)

  22. Hi Lily, I’m commenting on yours to tell you I like how you write your blog and how many comments you have is great.

  23. Nice to meet you Lily! My name is Kiera! Like you, I love writing! It’s one of my fav things to do in school. You did a great job telling us about yourself and your hobbies! Excited to read more about you as we go about the challenge!

  24. Wow! You have a very nice cover page. on the other hand I would have opted for a little more image in the foreground. in spite of all, I find your page very interesting and well formulated.

    Catherine Baril

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