The Tale of The Stickered Water Bottle Epidemic

Stickered Waterbottle Taken by Me

Ah, at last, I’m facing my last few days of 7th grade. With only four more days of struggle and despair, I’ve decided to rise from the grave of my pretty much dead blog and finally write something.

Every school has its trend. I remember in 2015, t’was the year of the Pokemon cards. Let’s not even talk about how many times I tripped on those ginormous, packed full, binders of cards. The end of the year school trend happens to be stickered waterbottles. I have a large collection of reusable waterbottles, but not once have I considered decorating them with stickers. One day, I went to school and saw the first stickered waterbottle to touch campus. I LOVED it. It was a clear nalgene with a bunch of water themed stickers. Never had I laid sight on something so beautiful. So, I went home for the weekend and purchased one. Amazing! I thought I’d be the coolest kid in the 7th grade. The next day of school, HALF OF THE STUDENTS had stickered water bottles. Nalgenes, Contigos, Hydroflasks. I was crushed. I later returned my waterbottle to the store.

I cannot believe that I let others influence my decision and keep me away from doing something I was interested in. Yet, I would hate to be like everyone else. Each day, I see a new stickered waterbottle. I still regret returning mine. So long, waterbottle, so long.