A Collaboration


I am Edie, professional maid. When I clean, I gather up more than dust and dirt, I gather secret information. All eyes and ears are on the royal family.

I am Princess Anastasia of Bellaver, next in line for the throne. But trust me, being a princess isn’t as easy as it looks.
This is a story of economics, espionage, and assassination.

Chapter One
I was in the Forner property today. Though the cleaning is hard since they have a huge property, it’s my favorite to clean. I enjoy looking at all the picture frames. Mr. Forner had met so many rich and royal people. Mrs. Forner was Miss Anastasia’s godmother, until she got the plague and died. Unfortunately Mr. Forner grew lonely and fell to his death. Now, his son owns the house. He’s really trying his best, it just isn’t working. His foolishness isn’t helping the burglaries. I know, I sound like I should be some really awesome jolly fellow in Robin Hood’s Crew. No! Not quite. I’m a lower status African American who needs money and is secretly getting an education. I’ve taken things, only to sell them. I do feel bad, but…nah, I don’t feel bad. Well diary, my tea break is over, back to cleaning.

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