A Better Look Into The Class Blogroll

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Are you bored and want to find a blog that you’d actually enjoy? Maybe the sidebar on my blog isn’t enough for you! Listed below is every student on my sidebar in my LA class, and I’ll give you a little glimpse into the bloggers.

Allison runs a lot and loves Pygmy Goats in pajamas.

Ava-Rose dances the night away and loves her cat.

Ben’s chickens are laying eggs, while he is trying to go fast on a Rubix Cube.

Cameron shoots hoops and is the next Kobe or Lebron.

Camille wants to travel to Germany and could keep reading Refugee.

Chloe likes telling stories and believes happiness is the key to life.

Claire-Louise wants to go to Los Angeles and finds neat words.

Claire loves books and is a member of Cabin Athena.

Jonathan goes crazy for Fortnite and enjoys time at the beach.

Jude loves gummies and would rather be on Mars.

Kenna is a total fashionista and listens to Todrick on the daily.

Kevin is a sucker for banana bread and writes poems about pain.

Kyla wants to go to Rome and Jamaica.

Lauren knows how to be a true friend and likes making DIY things.

Maddie is a fan of all things Supernatural and everything strange.

Quin loves his dog Nasher and enjoys time in the mountains.

I hope you have as much fun reading the blogs as I did when getting information for the post!

Ideas For Posts

You aren’t alone. In fact, this is the post is in fact, the result of a brain drop. I had no idea what to do for this extra blog. So, I figure, why not help those who are in the same position as me! I bring you, “Ideas For Posts”! These are selected from my own brain and possible anonymous influences. Take a seat, sit back, and enjoy while you discover a world of creativity at your fingertips.

1. Has it recently been a Holiday? Write about what you did, where you went, or just some fun facts! I did this for Halloween and it turned out awesome!

2. So you want to be an author. Share a bit of what you’re working on! Whether it is a poem, novel, or novella, it’s good to get comfortable with sharing your work. If you are set on staying within your comfort zone…..wait, I can’t share that! It will be a post for a different time. Oops-e-daisy! Does anyone still say that?

3. I’m a handy person who loves helping others! If that is you, write a post on some tips or tricks for everyday life, school, or mainly just hacks, if you’ve read my Halloween post, that’s what I’m talking about. I would certainly read someone’s school hacks post.

4. What is going in your life? Do you want people to know that you went to see Hamilton? Or that you love sleeping and did it almost all day? I’m serious, this can be a really interesting post.

5. How to…..ok. This is similar to number 3, but I’m thinking. What if someone did a How to Draw a Mythical Creature? I’d read that. You could probably have pictures of each step.  Not an artist, do you like math? Teach you friends a really cool math trick. I’ve got a few up my sleeve.

I’m sure everyone can come up with some excellent ideas that I didn’t say. If you write a post using inspiration from this blog, please let me know, or add some credit. Peace in, Lily.

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