Glasses, Attitude, and a Lot of Red Hair

I’m almost positive that some of you thought about or did Harry Potter for this challenge. Along with that, I’m positive that if you did one of those, you actually like Harry Potter. BOOM! I just said it! I DON’T LIKE HARRY POTTER. In my opinion, Harry Potter is one of the worst series ever. Ok, so you may have heard me talk about being a PROUD SLYTHERIN, and I just really like the idea of being sorted into a house and having this identity. Let’s get onto the challenge.

If I could go into any book, what would it be, what would I do, and why? I would go into, not just one book, but the WHOLE series. To answer why…I just want to set things straight and state the truth. First off, I’d like to go and congratulate the whole Malfoy family for being total and complete jerks. Then we’d move onto Harry Potter, look kid, those glasses are way overrated. I honestly have nothing bad to say about Ron Weasley, except that I’m curious where his long lost brother Ed Sheeran.  I think when I travel into this book for real, I’ll be on Draco’s side of the story, even though in every single book he almost dies. So, that’s what I would do in the book. What would you do?