Designated Child Seats…A New Addition to Public Transportation

Designated Child Seat By Me

Picture this:

It is currently 7:30 A.M. You’re 5 years old. Your dad was called into work early and has no one to watch you while he’s gone. So, he has to take you with him to work. Your dad is a user of public transportation. You two hop on the bus and sit in the regular seats right near the back. It’s time to get off, as you’ve arrived at your dad’s office. Dad is on his phone, not paying enough attention to realize that you’ve already hopped off the bus….with someone else! This could have been prevented by one of my handy dandy inventions.

I think buses need Designated Child Seats. Did I come up with these during class? Yes. So, they’re not official. These special seats would be bright yellow, so that you would notice them right away as you enter the bus. They’d be made out of plastic, but comfy plastic. Their location would be right at the front of the bus. Close to the exit and in the driver’s view. The parent or responsible adult watching the child would have a seat next to the child. The seat would also have a little belt to keep the child in the seat. The adult would have to get the child in and out of the seat.

Picture it in action:

You’re an adult with your child using public transportation. You politely tell the driver that you are responsible for this child. Then, they will suggest that you use the child seat, depending on the age of the child. You have the child sit in the seat and you secure the belt. Then, enjoy your trip! After you’ve arrived at your destination, get the child out of the seat, have them exit in front of you, thank the driver, and enjoy the rest of your day!

This is just a fun little idea of mine, that I hope to act upon. Feel free to comment any questions or ideas. See sketch above for what my chairs would look like.

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Movie Poster from

I’ve never been so inspired that I might cry. Bohemian Rhapsody is a biopic about the band Queen, primarily focusing on Freddie Mercury. I saw this movie the same day I am writing this post, due to how touching and inspiring the film is. Fun fact: Today is November 24. Freddie Mercury passed away this day 27 years ago. Ok, let us get started with my review.

One, the acting. Wow! All the actors looked exactly like the band members they were portraying. Sister shook. Specifically Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, and Gwilym Lee. Aka, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and Brian May. Their acting was on point. I was so moved and I really felt like I was watching the original band on screen. The acting, music, and effects made me feel as though I was there in the 80’s with Queen.

The music. If I weren’t in a theater with maybe 30 something adults, I would be dancing. I was tapping my feet, bopping my head, and lip-syncing along. Queen’s music is unlike another. Iconic. Memorable. Unique.

Freddie. He must have been such a wonderful person to have in one’s life. The way he was portrayed really gave me a sense of how he really was. I would describe Freddie Mercury as someone who was here to do something and was gonna do it. He didn’t care one bit what anyone else thought. He was going to be who he was and no one could change that. He really seemed to carry to the beat of his own drum. He had his ups and downs, but was always focused on being who he knew he was. Yes, Freddie really was a jerk at times, but in the end, that’s how many famous people were back then.

Bohemian Rhapsody should only be seen if you’re a mature 12 year old or 13+. This film is intense, but definitely a must-see. There was plenty of alcohol use and smoking. It also deals a lot with Freddie’s sexuality, which is certainly a heavy subject. There were a few inappropriate parts, but I didn’t find them too terrible. (Wow, I’m like the new Commonsense Media.) You NEED to see this inspiring, touching movie at some point in your life. Thanks for reading. Below are some quotes from the movie I found special.

John Reid: So, tell me. What makes Queen any different from all of the other wannabe rockstars I meet?

Freddie Mercury: Tell you what it is, Mr. Reid. Now we’re four misfits who don’t belong together, we’re playing for the other misfits. They’re the outcasts, right at the back of the room. We’re pretty sure they don’t belong either. We belong to them.


Ray Foster: Mark these words: NO ONE will play Queen.

Jim Beach: Fortune favors the bold.


Freddie Mercury: We can be. We believe in each other… that’s everything. We are going to do great things. It’s an experience – love, tragedy, joy… it’s something that people will feel belongs to them.


Freddie Mercury: I am the lead singer not the leader of the band.


Freddie Mercury: We’re family. We believe in each other. That’s everything.




Lily’s 21 by 21 List

I’ve made Forbes 30 under 30! Joking. I’ve created Lily’s 21 by 21. The list below contains 21 things I want to have done by the time I am 21.

  1. Be the youngest member of the US Supreme Court
  2. Have had traveled to all the countries in the world
  3.  Have won the national Spelling Bee
  4. Purchased 6 million dollar homes across the globe
  5. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio
  6. Have a charity named after me
  7. Be fluent in French
  8. Be very successful in the stock market
  9. Start a multi million dollar company
  10. Still be writing my blog
  11. Write a New York Times Bestseller series for YA
  12. Have my own collection of plates, pots, and pans
  13. Own a restaurant specifically in Asheville
  14. Have my own collection of furniture
  15. Have my own magazine
  16. Be interviewed by Vogue
  17. Be a Georgetown Alumni
  18. Be famous amongst my neighbors for my amazing biscuits
  19. Have a leading role in a successful teen drama
  20. Direct a horror film
  21. Be in Forbes 30 under 30

So, in 9 years I’ll get back to you! Like the post? Comment below your thoughts on what you’d want to do by any age of your choice!

What’s the Point of the Olympics?


Competiton, awards, travel. These are three components of the Summer and Winter Olympics. The discussion topic for today’s post is: What’s the Point of the Olympics?. First, a little bit of background to these competitions.

The first Ancient Olympics were held April 6, 1896 in Athens, Greece. Ancient Olympics were first only a 1 day event 684 BC, when they were expanded into 3 days. In 5th century BC, the Ancient Olympics landed a 5 day spot, almost a whole week! The sports held were running, long jump, discus throwing, wrestling, boxing, pankration, and various equestrian events.

Olympics are coming up very soon in 2020 and will be held in Tokyo. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the Summer Olympics. We just had the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, Korea. Though Tokyo is holding the Summer Olympics, in 2022 Beijing will hold  the Winter Olympics. For more info on the Olympics check out their website.

Ok, so what’s the point? Lots of training and effort goes into this event that only happens every 4, 2 years. Why put in so much work? Yeah, ok, because you’re super passionate and that stuff. Good for you. All the Olympics are is a tradition, ex- religious ceremony, and one major competiton.

“The purpose of the modern Olympic Games is to promote peace and unity within the international community through the medium of sports. The founder, Pierre de Coubertin, saw the games as a way to bring political enemies together.”-anonymous user on Quora.

I’ve thought about this being a reason to hold Olympic Games, and I guess someone else has too. I mean, if it weren’t about unity, you could just have your own State Olympics.

What do you think? Is there a solid point to the Olympics?

Why Creative Writing is Important

Drawing by me

My LA class doesn’t participate in too much Creative Writing, and it dissapoints me, a lot. That’s something I can’t hide. I’ve been reassured that at some point we have a creative writing unit in LA, but until then, what am I supposed to do?  I find it unfortunate that the only places I can really write are in my club called The Locker and on this blog. I absolutely love my school, it is really a great community to share writing with, but the main priorities come off as Maths and Sciences. Yet, that doesn’t fit for many people.

Creative Writing is so important. I know a few people who write to express their feelings, good and bad. Some people write what they cannot read. So, if you’re looking for a story about the vegetarian dinosaur who eats at an all meat buffet, you may have to write it. That’s not always a bad thing. It just gives more opportunities to write something without it being pretty much, well, plagerism.

Even if you don’t like to read, you could still write, just give it a try. Though Creative Writing is different than Writing, itself, it comes in many forms. Poems, Short Stories, a novella, even maybe writing song lyrics.

Face it, writing is important. Like it or not, try it.


A Better Look Into The Class Blogroll

Credit: Pexels

Are you bored and want to find a blog that you’d actually enjoy? Maybe the sidebar on my blog isn’t enough for you! Listed below is every student on my sidebar in my LA class, and I’ll give you a little glimpse into the bloggers.

Allison runs a lot and loves Pygmy Goats in pajamas.

Ava-Rose dances the night away and loves her cat.

Ben’s chickens are laying eggs, while he is trying to go fast on a Rubix Cube.

Cameron shoots hoops and is the next Kobe or Lebron.

Camille wants to travel to Germany and could keep reading Refugee.

Chloe likes telling stories and believes happiness is the key to life.

Claire-Louise wants to go to Los Angeles and finds neat words.

Claire loves books and is a member of Cabin Athena.

Jonathan goes crazy for Fortnite and enjoys time at the beach.

Jude loves gummies and would rather be on Mars.

Kenna is a total fashionista and listens to Todrick on the daily.

Kevin is a sucker for banana bread and writes poems about pain.

Kyla wants to go to Rome and Jamaica.

Lauren knows how to be a true friend and likes making DIY things.

Maddie is a fan of all things Supernatural and everything strange.

Quin loves his dog Nasher and enjoys time in the mountains.

I hope you have as much fun reading the blogs as I did when getting information for the post!

Can A Gif Work Better Than Words?

GIF from

Ahh, Graphics Interchange Format. Mainly known as a GIF, you’ve probably received a couple in your life time. Invented in 1987, GIF earned a ‘word of the year’ award. Texters everywhere were referring to GIFs as a third language, instead of emojis. So, do they work better than words if they’re so popular? Why are they even so popular?

I believe that GIFs are great for those who may dislike talking, are lazy, or have Social Anxiety. Yet, what do others think they are good for? Since I am NOT a huge texter, I prefer words. I’m sure if you had more experience texting, if that is even a thing, you would be grateful for GIFs.

Contrary to the fact that I use words more than a GIF, I believe that GIFs are more beneficial and work better than words. In the world of digital communication, statements can be misread or understood all the time. That isn’t going to happen with GIFs because of the moving image’s expression or ‘story’.

If you read this article, you can get professional writers’ points of view in a way like many others. The author tells the story of Ms. Dikeou‘s experience with the moving story telling pictures. She uses GIFs to say things to others that she didn’t feel comfortable writing. “I’m able to express these really complex emotions in the span of two seconds,” said Ms. Dikeou. She wasn’t using GIFS until October of 2015.

You’ve heard my POV, what’s yours? Make sure you check out New York Times to see where I get post ideas!

Phobias and What They Mean

We all have fears that make us feel quite alone in this small, small world. I’m here to give you a list of 93 Phobias so that you can realize that it exists and that if someone has named it, it exists.

  1. Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders affects women four times more (48% women and 12% men).
  2. Ophidiophobia – The fear of snakes. Phobics avoid certain cities because they have more snakes.
  3. Acrophobia – The fear of heights. Five percent of the general population suffer from this phobia.
  4. Agoraphobia – The fear of open or crowded spaces. People with this fear often wont leave home.
  5. Cynophobia – The fear of dogs. This includes everything from small Poodles to large Great Danes.
  6. Astraphobia – The fear of thunder/lightning AKA Brontophobia, Tonitrophobia, Ceraunophobia.
  7. Claustrophobia – The fear of small spaces like elevators, small rooms and other enclosed spaces.
  8. Mysophobia – The fear of germs. It is also rightly termed as Germophobia or Bacterophobia.
  9. Aerophobia – The fear of flying. 25 million Americans share a fear of flying.
  10. Trypophobia – The fear of holes is an unusual but pretty common phobia.
  11. Carcinophobia – The fear of cancer. People with this develop extreme diets.
  12. Thanatophobia – The fear of death. Even talking about death can be hard.
  13. Glossophobia – The fear of public speaking. Not being able to do speeches.
  14. Monophobia – The fear of being alone. Even while eating and/or sleeping.
  15. Atychiphobia – The fear of failure. It is the single greatest barrier to success.
  16. Ornithophobia – The fear of birds. Individuals suffering from this may only fear certain species.
  17. Alektorophobia – The fear of chickens. You may have this phobia if chickens make you panic.
  18. Enochlophobia – The fear of crowds is closely related to Ochlophobia and Demophobia.
  19. Trypanophobia – The fear of needles. I used to fear needles (that and death).
  20. Anthropophobia – The fear of people. Being afraid of people in all situations.
  21. Aquaphobia – The fear of water. Being afraid of water or being near water.
  22. Autophobia – The fear of abandonment and being abandoned by someone.
  23. Hemophobia – The fear of blood. Even the sight of blood can cause fainting.
  24. Gamophobia – The fear of commitment or sticking with someone to the end.
  25. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – The fear of long words. Believe it or not, it’s real.
  26. Xenophobia – The fear of the unknown. Fearing anything or anyone that is strange or foreign.
  27. Vehophobia – The fear of driving. This phobia affects personal and work life.
  28. Basiphobia – The fear of falling. Some may even refuse to walk or stand up.
  29. Achievemephobia – The fear of success. The opposite to the fear of failure.
  30. Theophobia – The fear of God causes an irrational fear of God or religion.
  31. Ailurophobia – The fear of cats. This phobia is also known as Gatophobia.
  32. Metathesiophobia – The fear of change. Sometimes change is a good thing.
  33. Globophobia – The fear of balloons. They should be fun, but not for phobics.
  34. Nyctophobia – The fear of darkness. Being afraid of the dark or the night is common for kids.
  35. Phobophobia – The fear of fear. The thought of being afraid of objects/situations.
  36. Triskaidekaphobia – The fear of the number 13 or the bad luck that follows.
  37. Emetophobia – The fear of vomiting and the fear of loss of your self control.
  38. Gephyrophobia – The fear of bridges and crossing even the smallest bridge.
  39. Entomophobia – The fear of bugs and insects, also related to Acarophobia.
  40. Lepidopterophobia – The fear of butterflies and often most winged insects.
  41. Panophobia – The fear of everything or fear that terrible things will happen.
  42. Podophobia – The fear of feet. Some people fear touching or looking at feet, even their own.
  43. Paraskevidekatriaphobia – The fear of Friday the 13th. About 8% of Americans have this phobia.
  44. Somniphobia – The fear of sleep. Being terrified of what might happen right after you fall asleep.
  45. Apiphobia – The fear of bees. Many people fear being stung by angry bees.
  46. Koumpounophobia – The fear of buttons. Clothes with buttons are avoided.
  47. Anatidaephobia – The fear of ducks. Somewhere, a duck is watching you.
  48. Pyrophobia – The fear of fire. A natural/primal fear that can be debilitating.
  49. Ranidaphobia – The fear of frogs. Often caused by episodes from childhood.
  50. Galeophobia – The fear of sharks in the ocean or even in swimming pools.
  51. Athazagoraphobia – The fear of being forgotten or not remembering things.
  52. Katsaridaphobia – The fear of cockroaches. This can easily lead to an excessive cleaning disorder.
  53. Iatrophobia – The fear of doctors. Do you delay doctor visits? You may have this.
  54. Pediophobia – The fear of dolls. This phobia could well be Chucky-induced.
  55. Ichthyophobia – The fear of fish. Includes small, large, dead and living fish.
  56. Mottephobia – The fear of moths. These insects are only beautiful to some.
  57. Zoophobia – The fear of animals. Applies to both vile and harmless animals.
  58. Bananaphobia – The fear of bananas. If you have this phobia, they are scary.
  59. Sidonglobophobia – The fear of cotton balls or plastic foams. Oh that sound.
  60. Scelerophobia – The fear of crime involves being afraid of burglars, attackers or crime in general.
  61. Cibophobia – The fear of food. The phobia may come from a bad episode while eating, like choking.
  62. Phasmophobia – The fear of ghosts. AKA Spectrophobia. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
  63. Equinophobia – The fear of horses. Animal phobias are pretty common, especially for women.
  64. Musophobia – The fear of mice. Some people find mice cute, but phobics don’t.
  65. Catoptrophobia – The fear of mirrors. Being afraid of what you might see.
  66. Agliophobia – The fear of pain. Being afraid something painful will happen.
  67. Telephonophobia – The fear of talking on the phone. Phobics prefer texting.
  68. Pogonophobia – The fear of beards or being scared of/around bearded men.
  69. Omphalophobia – The fear of belly buttons. Touching and looking at navels.
  70. Pseudodysphagia – The fear of choking often after a bad eating experience.
  71. Bathophobia – The fear of depths can be anything associated with depth (lakes, tunnels, caves).
  72. Gerascophobia – The fear of getting old. Aging is the most natural thing, yet many of us fear it.
  73. Chaetophobia – The fear of hair. Phobics tend to be afraid of other peoples hair.
  74. Nosocomephobia – The fear of hospitals. Let’s face it, no one likes hospitals.
  75. Ligyrophobia – The fear of loud noises. More than the instinctive noise fear.
  76. Didaskaleinophobia – The fear of school. This phobia affects kids mostly.
  77. Technophobia – The fear of technology is often induced by culture/religion.
  78. Chronophobia – The fear of the future. A persistent fear of what is to come.
  79. Spheksophobia – The fear of wasps. You panic and fear getting stung by it.
  80. Ergophobia – The fear of work. Often due to social or performance anxiety.
  81. Coulrophobia – The fear of clowns. Some people find clowns funny, coulrophobics certainly don’t.
  82. Allodoxaphobia – The fear of opinions. Being afraid of hearing what others are thinking of you.
  83. Samhainophobia – The fear of Halloween affects children/superstitious people.
  84. Photophobia – The fear of light caused by something medical or traumatic.
  85. Disposophobia – The fear of getting rid of stuff triggers extreme hoarding.
  86. Numerophobia – The fear of numbers and the mere thought of calculations.
  87. Ombrophobia – The fear of rain. Many fear the rain due to stormy weather.
  88. Coasterphobia – The fear of roller coasters. Ever seen Final Destination 3?
  89. Thalassophobia – The fear of the ocean. Water, waves and unknown spaces.
  90. Scoleciphobia – The fear of worms. Often because of unhygienic conditions.
  91. Kinemortophobia – The fear of zombies. Being afraid that zombies attack and turn you into them.
  92. Myrmecophobia – The fear of ants. Not as common as Arachnophobia, but may feel just as intense.
  93. Taphophobia – The fear of being buried alive by mistake and waking up in a coffin underground.

LET ME GASP FOR AIR. That was a load of typing, and I just realized I could have copied and pasted. I’ve collected this information over the years and was in a play featuring children with various phobias. The play was written for the camp by the directors (apologies, I do not remember the name). It was a piece was called Camp Phobia amount children going to a camp that would soften the fears. I played Violet, a 9 year old with a twin known as Scarlett, we were scared of boys. This was a Campbell Hall school summer camp The girl in the blue tie dye was pretending to be a counselor! I had so much fun. Also, note multiple phobias were left out.

Do you think you have one of these phobias? Do you have an idea of ones that may be necessary to add to this list?

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Cheats and Must Have Mods For The Sims 4

By me. This is what the tumblr site looks like with websites at the top.

The Sims 4 is not only my favorite game in the world, it is also popular among a wide amount of people all across the world. That means that, to sound scientific falsely, 47 people purchase Sims 4 PER DAY. Thats 47 clueless people a day on cheats, mods, and cc. I’M HERE TO HELP THOSE 47 PEOPLE. This will be a whopping 3 paragraphs of all that good information that 47 people are currently clueless about. Let’s go go go!

CC. To start off, there are two different types of custom content. You can choose Maxis Match (the good route) and use custom content that looks exactly like EA’s clothing and genetics.  There’s also Alpha cc, which I don’t suggest because it could totally crash your game. Alpha is for those who prefer to have their Sims be a bit more realistic than the cartoon looking Sims of Sims 4. You’d enjoy Alpha if you are nostalgic for that classic Sims 3 vibe. Where do I get cc? I get all my Maxis Match custom content by searching ‘Sims 4 mm cc’ on Tumblr, Pinterest, and rarely, the stone cold internet. Tumblr provides me with blogs of those who post their favorite Maxis Match custom content.

Mods. There’s two types of mods, the ones to enhance the experience and others to adjust or cheat your way into an easier way of playing. If you don’t have MC Command Center, your game sucks, guaranteed. MC Command Center provides you with cheats, and is something you need if you’re a lazy simmer, which almost all 47 of you are.  Enhancing the experience could be things that let your sims gain hygiene via swimming. I get a majority of my mods from, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Cheats. I suggest you look it up. There is something called the forums for Simmers. It is people who play the Sims 4 giving advice and chatting with others who play the Sims 4. You can get money cheats to make your sims rich such as motherlode or rosebud. Cheats are mostly for those who don’t have MC Command Center, so again, please get this. If you enjoy building more than creating sims in CAS, you should use bb.moveobjects on. It lets you move objects in places that you normally couldn’t. Before you spend time searching for cheats, YOU NEED MC Command Center. Get it. NOW.

That’s all! I hope you use this to the best of your simmer ability. If you used any of these, Eliza Pancakes and I say hello.

The Little Things I Notice

Over the 11, 12, 13, 41 years we’ve been around, I think we can all recall someone saying that its the little things that count. I’ve done my searching through all the teachers’ blogs and their students’. Ms. Donelly of Donelly’s Long Story Short… gave her students an assignment that I, a student of Ms. Mack, have been inspired to do.

Things I Notice:

Has anyone ever thought about those rings around the ankles of those who wear Converse? I have a salmon colored pair myself, and boy, do they cut into my ankles sometimes! I like the little quirk of noticing someone’s ankles with the ring. It helps to be someone who spends a lot of time looking down.

You know that thing when people tell you that they’re going to guess what you’re thinking? I’ve come up with a solution. Half the time, you ARE thinking about how that person will never guess what you’re thinking of!

There’s a certain spot on your foot where if have it partially on the floor, your leg will start to shake. It feels crazy, but not many can do it by trying. It just seems to come naturally.

How many of you have a library card? When I check out a book from the library, I see the little crease at the top corner of the page. I love seeing this because it makes me feel like others really enjoyed the book so much that they were willing to keep their place at any cost.

The most important thing about owning an electronic device to me, is personalization. Sometimes I look at my friends’ iPads and realize how much a screensaver can mean to someone. A screensaver can give away tons of information on the owner.

When I moved into my new house, the first thing I noticed was the 37 hooks placed in odd spots in every room. I like to imagine what used to hang on those many hooks.

My dad has a Spotify account that I basically dominate. I use it way more than him, and I always notice one thing in particular. The music I listen to is going in HIS history, ex: Howard Recently Favorited Issues by Julia Micheals.

Ink is very powerful. A majority of those who use pens don’t actually use them on paper, but on their skin instead. The things that people write on their hands are crazy. Doodles, reminders, quotes, hearts as a sign of support, and things letting out anger, sadness, and frustration.

Now, what do you notice? Let me know in the comments. There’s always little things waiting for you in the world.

Credit: Pexels